About Megan


Megan Lorenz

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Megan Lorenz! At my core I am passionate about art, design and all things creative. The journey started when my parents nurtured my artistic gifts through art and painting lessons that ultimately turned into a Bachelors of Fine Arts with an emphasis in photography at Mizzou. I have had the pleasure of turning this love into my work and have enjoyed every minute of it! This passion for art combined with my background in painting and composition allow me to view my subjects in a way that is more than just taking pictures. I love bringing my clients' needs to life in a deliberate and thoughtful way.
Outside of work, I have a wonderful family and countless hobbies. I have two lovely daughters and an amazing husband. They fuel me in all of my endeavors. Along the way of building a business and family I also chase the pursuit of accumulating as many hobbies as possible: painting/drawing, cookie decorating, cooking, knitting, interior design (at my own house of course), houseplants, gardening, gardening and more gardening. In addition to my family and my hobbies, I am also an amateur foodie that loves travel 😊
Above all, when working with someone, I really thrive on collaboration and being a real partner to my clients. You aren’t just getting a photographer with me, you are getting someone who will handle your needs with thoughtfulness and care. I understand that this relationship is more than just taking pictures but ensuring that my clients needs are met, even if it is outside of what you think you need. Come and let’s partner together and make some really pretty stuff look pretty darn cool, and let’s have fun doing it too! 😊

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