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Megan Lorenz

Professional Photographer

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Megan Lorenz! At my core I am passionate about art, design and all things creative. The journey started when my parents nurtured my artistic gifts through art and painting lessons that ultimately turned into a Bachelors of Fine Arts with an emphasis in photography at Mizzou. I have had the pleasure of turning this love into my work and have enjoyed every minute of it! This passion for art combined with my background in painting and composition allow me to view my subjects in a way that is more than just taking pictures. I love bringing my clients' needs to life in a deliberate and thoughtful way.


Client Love & Heartfelt Testimonials

We have used Megan as our principal photographer for many years. Megan is an amazing and talented artist when it comes to her work! Megan is an excellent photographer with an eye for detail and a creative power that few possess. Her interpersonal skills are excellent, and she works extremely well with everyone. Megan is a complete asset to our team when photographing our areas because she is able to interpret what we are looking for and capture the space perfectly! She is a complete delight and always keeps a positive attitude. Megan is the real deal!!!

Kathy Israel
Accent on Cabinets

As a convenience store, people would probably be surprised that we receive compliments on the photography included in our marketing. Megan deserves that credit. she understands our business and our commitment to being much more than a “gas station.” Her photography elevates our brand by conveying the cleanliness and quality of our stores, the vast selection of our products and the friendliness of our team. To Megan, our projects involve more than just taking photos. She realizes her work tells the public who Rhodes is. I consider Megan a partner in all our marketing work.

Lindsey Wagoner

Not only does Megan have an amazing eye behind the camera, but she has such a talent for styling and placing florals or fruits in a shot. She works quickly, has great ideas and is always so fun to be around. I feel so lucky to work with her!

Emily Hall
Emily Hall Interiors

I have collaborated with Megan since we were both beginning our businesses. She is truly passionate about all things visually creative. She appreciates the intention designers put into their work and puts an enormous amount of energy into capturing it. I cannot recommend her enough.

Jessie Miller
Jessie D Miller Interior Design

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